Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Pines

My sanctuary is real.

The Leeds watches over me, and in return, I watch over the Pines to the best of my ability. I cannot do everything. But I help in small ways.

Cleaning up after myself, using all of what I hunt- in ancient times the Native Americans had such practices, and they were at peace with the land around them.

That is how I must be. The Jersey Devil, the Leeds, does not like it any other way.

And I would rather be at his mercy, than thrown to the chaos of Kalek.

Who am I? My name is Dagmar, Dagmar River. Two years ago, I discovered this place in my attempts to flee from Kalek of the Trees. I soon found that there was a being here, an ancient being. The Jersey Devil. Kalek did not come near for several days, but the Leeds was much more persistent. It tracked me throughout the woods, its eyes on me at all times.

One day, I found a cabin. I took up residence, delirious and hungry as I was. And then suddenly, the tracking stopped. The Leeds seems...placated, with my prescence in the Pines.

I have been here ever since. I live alone, and travel into town only as often as necessary. I still deal with both the Leeds and Kalek, but I have come to realize that Leeds is a guardian. He watches over me, at night, at day, at all hours.

I have seen Kalek hover on the fringes of the Pines, waiting for me. He is interested in my protection, but he cannot bypass it.

I believe- I wonder- does this make him angry?

Regardless, I seldom sleep. Some nights, I am invaded by a complete and totaly silence that tears at my heart and suffers me a great deal of fear. Other nights, I hear growling, and I know that I am being fought for. Protected.

I must go now. Kalek is nearby, and I do not want to risk death.

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