Thursday, September 30, 2010


Generally I do not venture into town more than once a day but I feel significantly more calm than when I last posted.

I have looked through many blogs today and found many victms of Kalek's torture. Some dead. Some gone. Some insane and some still fighting. And here I sit in the Pines...doing...nothing. But not for long. When I return home, I shall be meditating on thematter for as long as it take me to fall asleep.

I have much thought to give all of this. My next few actions will define where I am in the universe's grand sceme. That is how fate is. we float through life as a rock in the river and are only given the chance to change course every so often.

Hopefully some rest will give me an answer on what to do next.

I have not seen the Devil today. It worries me because Jay has told me that the Jersey Devil is a product of my own belief and now He has not shown himself. Where could He be and was He really a figment of my imagination? Or perhaps He senses my lack of belief and is offended. Truly disconcerting noentheless. More of the Minion's have been lurking in the Pines tonight. I have bought ammo for my hunting rifle so we shall see how far they get.

May the Spirits protect me this night. Tomorrow, or when I am able I shall post my plan. I have much work to do.

Thank you all for your support. You may not know it but your strength is my spirit. I shall nto fail any of you.

PS I was asked where teh name Kalek came from for the being you all call 'It', 'Him', and 'Slender Man'. I do not recall where the name came from. But I know that it was revealed to me in a dream and it has seemed right ever since. I shall continue using it if no one minds.

Interesting occurences.

The Devil has visited my home three times in this past week. I am scared that I have done something which displeases Him. I have cleaned up after myself, hunted scarecly these last few weeks, and yet...He haunts me. I do not know why.

Strangely, He stays in plain sight outside my house, skulking nearby in the trees. I see Him, He turns to me, and I feel his gaze...what does he want?!

And I cannot leave my home in the Pines for very long. For Kalek wwaits there, and scares me further. His actions on the other blogs dedicated to the fear he inspires seem to be increasing in hostility. I do not know what to do. Truly. I want to help, but my blog provides nothing but my own plight put on display for others.

Can I help in any other way?

Also. What should I do if I see people venturing into the Pines? The Devil does not hurt them, but...I feel as though they are unwelcome. They come about and walk on the paths near by home, and then disappear soon after, staring longingly at my house.

Could they be the Minions of Kalek? They will have to deal with me and teh Jersey Devil shoudl they decide to probe further into my home.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Pines

My sanctuary is real.

The Leeds watches over me, and in return, I watch over the Pines to the best of my ability. I cannot do everything. But I help in small ways.

Cleaning up after myself, using all of what I hunt- in ancient times the Native Americans had such practices, and they were at peace with the land around them.

That is how I must be. The Jersey Devil, the Leeds, does not like it any other way.

And I would rather be at his mercy, than thrown to the chaos of Kalek.

Who am I? My name is Dagmar, Dagmar River. Two years ago, I discovered this place in my attempts to flee from Kalek of the Trees. I soon found that there was a being here, an ancient being. The Jersey Devil. Kalek did not come near for several days, but the Leeds was much more persistent. It tracked me throughout the woods, its eyes on me at all times.

One day, I found a cabin. I took up residence, delirious and hungry as I was. And then suddenly, the tracking stopped. The Leeds seems...placated, with my prescence in the Pines.

I have been here ever since. I live alone, and travel into town only as often as necessary. I still deal with both the Leeds and Kalek, but I have come to realize that Leeds is a guardian. He watches over me, at night, at day, at all hours.

I have seen Kalek hover on the fringes of the Pines, waiting for me. He is interested in my protection, but he cannot bypass it.

I believe- I wonder- does this make him angry?

Regardless, I seldom sleep. Some nights, I am invaded by a complete and totaly silence that tears at my heart and suffers me a great deal of fear. Other nights, I hear growling, and I know that I am being fought for. Protected.

I must go now. Kalek is nearby, and I do not want to risk death.