Sunday, August 29, 2010



I trust that if you have found are somehow related to the situation at hand. Perhaps you seek safety, or comfort of some kind.

That's alright. But I do not offer either here at

I do offer information. I know of the terror many are facing nowadays. It is a great evil, and it feeds on fear. It brings about thsi fear by puncturing whatever illusion of comfort or safety those it chooses have. It creates its own food source, actually. I never realized that until now, oddly enough. It is a young being, newly brought into this world.

You fools did it.

I have found protection, however, here in the Pines. The Pines...protect me, in their own sort of way. Not...really the Pines themselves, you see. The beast which lurks WITHIN the Pines! It keeps me safe, so long as I respect its protection, its land. It is a noble beast that way. And ti does not enjoy The Creation treading upon its land.

So. I stay in the Pines. I go out as little as possible. I wanted to make this blog post, however. So I went out and found an internet cafe. I want people to know that there is safety out there, if you can find the right form of it. You must know this' do not fear Kalek, the Creation. He is young, naive and weak. Please remember this.

I want to help someone other than myself...

It is the way of the beast protecting me. He helps me. The way of the devil...

The Jersey Devil protects me.


  1. Sanctuary is good and you found an able protector.
    Do not allow yourself to stagnate, though.
    Seek a way to fight back.
    You are not powerless.

  2. An interesting suggestion, that there may be some kind of anti-Slender Man.

    One being for each tree.

    However, I think there is a far more likely scenario to this. Occam's Razor has yet to fail me so far, but I'm afraid I can't go any further. The truth is a corrosive agent, and I'm not about to destroy a self-protected mind.