Thursday, September 30, 2010


Generally I do not venture into town more than once a day but I feel significantly more calm than when I last posted.

I have looked through many blogs today and found many victms of Kalek's torture. Some dead. Some gone. Some insane and some still fighting. And here I sit in the Pines...doing...nothing. But not for long. When I return home, I shall be meditating on thematter for as long as it take me to fall asleep.

I have much thought to give all of this. My next few actions will define where I am in the universe's grand sceme. That is how fate is. we float through life as a rock in the river and are only given the chance to change course every so often.

Hopefully some rest will give me an answer on what to do next.

I have not seen the Devil today. It worries me because Jay has told me that the Jersey Devil is a product of my own belief and now He has not shown himself. Where could He be and was He really a figment of my imagination? Or perhaps He senses my lack of belief and is offended. Truly disconcerting noentheless. More of the Minion's have been lurking in the Pines tonight. I have bought ammo for my hunting rifle so we shall see how far they get.

May the Spirits protect me this night. Tomorrow, or when I am able I shall post my plan. I have much work to do.

Thank you all for your support. You may not know it but your strength is my spirit. I shall nto fail any of you.

PS I was asked where teh name Kalek came from for the being you all call 'It', 'Him', and 'Slender Man'. I do not recall where the name came from. But I know that it was revealed to me in a dream and it has seemed right ever since. I shall continue using it if no one minds.


  1. It's all right with me if you keep using the name, Dagmar. Jers. Whatever your name is.

    And good luck with your meditation. Be safe, okay?

  2. You shouldn't need feel any doubt in your devil's existence. Just because he is a creature of belief does not mean he isn't real. One of the most popular theories on the origin of Slender Man, or Kalek as you call him, is that he was created through our belief and fear in him. And I doubt you'd argue against him being real.

  3. Belief this Fool has too many times seen odd things to simply dismiss this 'Devil' therefore the Fool will continue to believe in the Smiling Trees. Folly if so then my continued belief in its purpose does no harm, nor does yours. Husks they are human and yet not: how the 'Devil' views them in relation to you is important.