Friday, October 1, 2010


My meditation last night went well.

The dreams of the spirits carried me to an answer though certainly not a whole one. I beleive that Maduin's theory about the Minions of Kalek is correct. The Jersey Devil does not attack them for they are innocent. Innocent victims brought into this against their will. Undeserving of punishment though I believe perhaps death may be a suitable mercy for them. Undecided on that. Life is not something so easily taken in such a way.

I have read this page. It has information on the Leeds but not enough. However if you so desire you may read that page and learn more. the Jersey Devil has been around for decades and I believe I have found His source here in the Pines.

Good news as well. I spotted Him on my way out of the Pines earlier today trekking around the edge of the forest. I believe He was satisfied with the order of things though I am not quite sure why yet. The Minions still prowl the Pines however. This is worrisome and I fear that Jay's theory on the Leeds may be correct.  Could it be my belief brought to life? Still it is life and it will protect me as long as it is able.

And if the Minions decide to attack me head-on, my rifle shall do the job where my imagination can not.

I had an interesting dream after my meditation last night. It was of Robert Sage's swamp though I cannot fathom why. I trekked through it and I saw the darkness and the wet damp trees...and I saw Kalek. He was gathered there with his Minions and they were surrounding some sort of light that I could not comprehend(in the way that dreams are not comprehensible.)

Sudcdenly Kalek turned and he appeared angered by my prescence there. The Minions...oh, their whispers are still in my brain and it haunts me that way. But I turned and fled the way I came through an...opening...of some sort in the swamp. At that time I woke up and heard some sort of noise outside my cabin. but when I checked there there was nothing but the Leeds, eyeing me from afar in the shadow-y Pines.

interesting. Truly ineresting.